Thursday, November 20, 2008

Decorate the dog!

As I drank my morning coffee, and surveyed my house imagining how I will decorate for the holidays, I couldn't help but notice how plain, and well, downright pathetic my dog looked in her collar that I made last year. It was well loved, and washed many times...but it was time for a replacement. What a perfect opportunity to decorate the dog! So I got right to work. here's Lacey in her new Christmas collar, made using the "CRAZY FOR COLLARS" book at YCMT. I recycled the hardware from the exising collar, and the fabric is a strip cut from the fabic I bought to make Chloe a corset top. So for me, the collar was free. If I made it from scratch it would cost around $2.00


Jen / Jinkies said...

So cute!! I actually have a dog collar/leash on my gift list for my SIL who just got a new puppy!! Of course I can't leave out my OWN dog.

Kim said...

Hi Carrie! First, what a CUTE dog! And I love what you did to use what you already had on hand - that is very resourceful! I can't wait to see what you make next!


littlebuttercups said...

Hi Carrie! Finally got your blog link to work on my blog, not sure what that was about! User error, I'm sure! I love how all the great ideas come from the morning cup of coffee! Love the blog and look forward to see what you come up with next! Go Team Carla!